Arduino Woman and Geo-Anthropactress

*B.A. in Geological Sciences, Anthropology, and Theatre
*Lab Instructor at the Tech Museum of San Jose
*Tutor for Arduino Beginners and licensed Arduino vendor

Arduino and Lilypad Arduino Wearable Technology
Coming soon -Tenaya's online store!!!
Arduino is Tenaya's newest passion.  From finding out about this new microcontroller technology in March 2013, she's taken off with the Arduino fever, joining the project and coding community of Arduino.  Now Tenaya enjoys teaching beginners in Arduino to learn about all the components and all the possibilities.  Contact her for further information.

To master Arduino, you need skills: electrical engineering, computer coding, and physical engineering.  If you are into Wearable Technology, Tenaya can teach you how to hand sew in components that behave just like those on a regular Arduino board.  Tenaya teachers at the Tech Museum of Innovation, Tech Summer Camps (powered by Galileo), and independently she has taught workshops for kids and adults, girl scouts, boy scouts, after school groups, birthday parties, sewing circles, and groups.

Tenaya is a licensed Arduino vendor and works with Dog Hunter which produces the Arduino Yun, ONE board and others.  COMING SOON - Tenaya's online store at

Want to book Tenaya for a workshop??  Check out her public calendar and/or contact her to secure your desired date.
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Tenaya teaches Geology too.....
Have Tenaya bring rocks and fun Geology songs to your classroom!

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