Tenaya is a Maker.  From finding out about this new microcontroller technology in March 2013, she's taken off with the electric fever of MAKING.  Yes, she is the new #LadyMaker on the scene, joining the project and coding community of Arduino and other microcontrollers.  Now Tenaya enjoys teaching beginners to learn about all the components and all the possibilities.  Contact her for further information about workshops in Wearable Tech, Soldering, and Code-Electrical Engineering. 

Beginner Kit

Lilypad sewing kit with 10 LEDs

Bare Bones Kit

Lilypad sewing kit

with 5 LEDs 

Deluxe Kit

Lilypad sewing kit

with 10 LEDs

Supreme Deluxe

2 Lilypad sewing kit

with 15 LEDs

Introducing - Bliplace

Better Than Diamond Necklace


Introducing...Tenaya's music videos!

        "I'm So Maker"          and          "Happy Making"

Thank you BASF ! !